Fraser Island

April 18, 2011

Doesn’t her bottom look sexy

Well we have a come a fair way since Dunwich.Spent about a week in mooloolaba catching with my friend and

Tarsh and I in Mooloolaba


we decided Baikal’s bum needed cleaning and repainting so we took her out on the hardstand at Lawries in mooloolaba (sunshine coast), after 3 days of grotty filthy work we slipped back into the tea coloured water of the canals, after some close anchoring in the mill pond at mooloolaba we sailed onwards and upwards to the bottom of Fraser Island via a night stop over at Double Island Point.

Close anchoring at Mooloolaba









What a beaut spot that was, we went exploring up to the light house and  and  had a great sail through the wide bay bar and now we are at Garry’s anchorage.


The wind direction girl

Baikal anchored at Double Island Point way in the distance










Sitting here on the blue coloured saloon seetee on the starboard side of Baikal . Its an overcast day , 3pm looks like 6pm. Im madly itching the midgee and  mosquito bites from the previous days exploring on Fraser Island.

We are at ‘Garry’s anchorage’, a beautiful sheltered from all winds spot, there are 8 yachts and 2 house boats sharing this cosy anchorage.This morning as we kayaked away from Baikal around Stewart Island, Memphis turns up, our kiwi friends.

Dudley has claimed the port side of Baikal today, there is a lighter, rope, scissors, pvc canvas, sprawled over the port side seetee, not to mention the  sailrite sewing machine magnificently proclaiming its spot on the saloon table.Dudley has been rowing back and forth to Captain Jacko , sizing up and marking out a pvc protection canvas cover.

Baikal has the aromatic remenants of the days baking, chocolate chip cookies and Belgium biscuits. Its great to see a big smile on the face of the neighbours as they try out the yummy biscuits.

Our friends Helen and Ray from ‘Sapora’ took a liking to our racy red kayaks, and Ray wanted to try it out, so off went the kayak sailing along behind his  7ft tinnie, to the beach. Ray came back with  a grin from ear to ear, ‘oh, that’s fantastic’.

Earlier today when we kayaked around Stewart Island we had a fantastic 3 knot current and about a 12knot wind behind us , so we surfed down the waves, we approach another friends Warren’s 60ft home built cat. “Hey guys , I don’t want to scare ya, but when I was here in December I sailed past a croc here” Gee that’s real nice to know! Weighing up the odds, we decided to keep going, As we kayaked past the stern of his boat there was a crocs head poking out of the water!! Nice one wazza!! He remained deadly serious about the croc he saw, well his claim is kinda backed up by the sign on the beach notifying esturine crocs have been spotted here.

This will be the last time we put the kayaks in the water unfortunately until we get to the outer islands where they don’t seem to venture.

Dudley preparing the throw net to catch some prawns notice the mangrooves ......crocodiles like to hang out here...

We have been learning new skills, such as how to get yabbies with a pump and how to cast a net,so we can now catch our bait and fish and catch dinner, Dudley is starting to feel more and more like Bear from man verus wild!haha

Using a cast net to catch prawns and other wee fishies

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