June 24, 2011

Hello there folks Due to unforseen circumstances and lack of sponsorship has had to change blogsites, they all of a sudden told us there was no new space for more photos!! The new one is keep a following!! Baikals

June 19, 2011

Well, we have finally got our visas for Papua New Guinea so we’re free agents. We have gone back out to the islands of the whitsundsys, managing to do all the walks on South Molle, and the whitsunday peak walk (allow 4 – 5 hours) we did in just 1.5 hours! Our reward were spectacular […]

After stocking up with food at Airlie we sailed out to Whitehaven, managing to do all the walks the island has to offer, we headed for the long white beach. We made use of the kayaks and headed up Hills inlet, the northern end of the beach, clear water and lots of stingrays to be […]

Its been a while…

June 2, 2011

Island Head Creek Twas Friday the thirteenth, arriving  at Island Head Creek didn’t go down without a  performance. Dudley was at the helm, the depth sounder read 60m, and it slowly decreased to 3.5m down down down to  0.0m. I was at the bow, looking out for these shallow patches,that’s how dirty the water is, […]