June 19, 2011

Well, we have finally got our visas for Papua New Guinea so we’re free agents. We have gone back out to the islands of the whitsundsys, managing to do all the walks on South Molle, and the whitsunday peak walk (allow 4 – 5 hours) we did in just 1.5 hours! Our reward were spectacular views overlooking the islands.

View from Whitsunday Peak overlooking Hamilton Island


Top of whitsunday peak overlooking Hook

We are currently at Stonehaven in Hook Island. Despite wearing jackets sailing from Whitsunday Island to Hook, we managed to jump in the water for a snorkel, the first one of our trip!! It was fun trying out our underwater cameras, shame there were no turtles or many fish we could see, maybe tomorrow.

Clam amougst the coral


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