Lookout from Tongue point over whitehaven beach

After stocking up with food at Airlie we sailed out to Whitehaven, managing to do all the walks the island has to offer, we headed for the long white beach. We made use of the kayaks and headed up Hills inlet, the northern end of the beach, clear water and lots of stingrays to be seen.


Whitehaven is populated with tourists throughout the day, so we arrived early one morning and took the opportunity to run like nature intended on Whitehaven beach.


Dudley misbehaving at Whitehaven

Tanya misbehaving at Whitehaven



The weather began to deteriorate so we made for Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Here there was a 170m walk to a cave where the aboriginees use to live. There was also a interactive thing where you press a button and you hear pre recorded stories from the aboriginees. What ever money they use to earn , they had to take it to the police station where the white man took all their money and if the aboriginees wanted some of their money they had to apply for it and instead of getting 3 pounds they may only get 2 pounds, depending on who was manning the desk at the time. They also had to get permits to go into town, say they had one from 9 – 3pm . the police would come round to make sure they had left and then come round again soon after 3pm to make sure they had arrived back home. What a horrid life!!


6 Responses to “Misbehaving at Whitehaven”

  1. Harm said:

    Blue skies, clean water, white sandy beaches… not very original now is it ;)
    Keep on exploring !!

  2. james said:

    Hey Guys! awesome being able to follow ya’s on your blog, all sounds and looks amazing!
    …I thought the “moon” was shinning alittle brighter the other day haha

    Take care

    James n Terri

  3. Barb n Paul said:

    We are watching you!!! ;-)
    good on yers! both of us are gazing at our bank balance and sooooo tempted to follow in your wake!! Queimarla swings on her mooring, ready and waiting. Toooo tempting!!
    Keep up the good work,
    XX Barb n Paul n Molly-d

    • Tanya and Dudley said:

      Hey fellas! come one come all!!
      Hey whats your address we need to send those books and clipping back to ya!! sorry we are so slack!! hope the bank balance is going up up up, we carraying the inspiration o your journey with us!

  4. Andrea and Guy said:

    Hi there!

    Wow your living the life ah! So is it just a holiday or have you given up your days jobs to travel the world? We tried to look for you Dudley on facebook and only the other day wondered what you were up to.

    Guy and I have a little boy named Hunter who is just about 5 months old. Still living in London, but we plan to move to Perth within the next two years.

    Hope all is well – we will keep reading your blog to see what you have been upto.

    Take care, good to hear you are alive and well :)

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