nice sailing conditions

Baikal with full sails

Baikal sailing along Fraser Island

Here comes Baikal













Leaving a calm safe anchorage on a high wind warning meant a fast passage across from Fraser Island. Top speed reaching 11.4knots, we flew along the 44nm to Burnett Heads, Bundaberg.


We spent about 3 weeks at Fraser, going on some long walks on white sandy beaches and  through forest, swimming in the beautiful Lake Mckenzie, hearing the dingoes howl at night (Fraser is home to the worlds purest dingoes hence the reason why no dogs are allowed on the Island  apart from the fact its also listed as a world heritage site).

Clear water

Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

Underwater at Lake Mckenzie







Arriving in Bundaberg  the food stores were not looking healthy, so the next morning we bused into town for 14bucks return, got a few groceries being after Easter we managed to score chocolate less than half price, on return from town the food stores were still not healthy , we had 20 packets of 4 cadbury creme eggs in each and a trillion other packets of chocolates..1 dozen chocolate eggs they’re healthy right?!

So the next day we must of felt guilty coz we punished ourselves by riding a 40km return trip with our bags and bike baskets full of nuts and museil and vegetables and beans for the new bean bags we purchased the previous day.


bags of beans loaded onto already heavily laden backpacks


We are now enjoying our new couch potato lifestyle, eating chocolate like its coming out our ears and coconut, the first one of the season, which we found walking around burnett heads.

eating coconut on new lazy boy bean bags

We will be moving on when the wind allows, sometime next week…until next time :)

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  1. Kelly said:

    Ola! Woweeeee that is a lotta chocolate I only had a couple & my skin went to poos.. Taste bloody good tho aye!
    Love the beanbags, cool colour.. Just headn to chch to see ma n pa, it pissing down here, 12 degrees. Weather looks mint in your pics.
    3weeks & counting til we’re dancing the salsa in buenos aires! :)
    Take care & keep havin fun!
    Kelly & Si xx

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